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Rumors Around Town: Galen Winter Feast, 1600
A master smith is apparently coming to Unity now that Whistlepig is gone. I hear he may even attend the Galen feast.
I hear the Galanese were able to capture a powerful fae. I’m told the fae is a skilled tradesman and negotiator, though apparently not skilled enough to get one over on Warren Herrick
I hear that Elven Wine is a panacea that will cure any affliction, be it a curse, magical, or mundane.
The captured fae is apparently the one running the auctions at the festivities. Even if he is bound to Galan, I would still be wary of any deals he tries to make with you. You can never trust a fae!
The Archmage Assembly decided to send new representatives to the frontier. My understanding is that due to the many strange events with spirits, death, and odd magics of all sorts, powerful organizations are starting to take notice of Unity.
Along with hiring skilled artificers, the Galanese procured rare and strange items with unique effects for the auction, at least that’s what they are saying. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these ‘magical’ items were just some junk from the attics of Galanese nobles.