Most of the major societies of Areth use the same calendar, developed by the Aknorian seers ages ago. It follows the traditional Aknorian Cycles, each Cycle being approximately 61 days in length.

Cycle Name Cycle Length Months

Ash 61 days September & October

Phoenix 61 days November & December

Ice 59 days January & February

Wind 61 days March & April

Earth 61 days May & June

Fire 62 days July & August

While most cultures refer to a seven-day week, there are no commonly agreed upon names for the days of the week. Generally the days of a given week are referred to by number (i.e. the 5th day, etc.). Please note that Legends refers to Sunday as the 7th day and Monday as the 1st day. Events usually begin on the 5th night and run through the 7th day. The Aknorian Calendar year corresponds to the out-of-game year, less 420.

So, as an example, today, would be