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Rumors Around Town: 24th day of the Cycle of Earth, 1599
Enzo got a hold of the Flame of Creation.
Rumor has it that there is a sea monster under the lake and someone has already spoken with it.
I heard the Catalyst Club might have some competition soon.
A mermaid has been spotted on the coast!
Jacqui Galen is engaged.
Alcuin is not like us. Whatever he is, should we allow him to be the guardian of the Flame of Creation? What do we even know about these Revan? I betcha' a flagon of Warwick Rose wine that they're the ones that destroyed Citadel.
Goblins have been seen congregating and rousing rabble just outside of Unity. They seem pissed!
Empty lot rates are increasing in the cemetery, You're better off reserving one now. Just in case.
That smell of barbecue in the air at night... It's evil I tell you.
Eyes of glowing purple light have been seen on the island.
Tenoch has started his own Trading Post.
Drago is the on the verge of destroying Enzo's spirit permanently for being an annoyance.
Sue is very oddly studious despite being a lackey of Drago.
The Weeping Moon Tribe are devout followers of Odelara.
There is a werewolf in the forest
A unique flower is blooming this moon.
More people are moving in near the Okian embassy.
The Headsman was seen making flower crowns with Rhys Von Galen.
The rates of infant mortality and child abandonment in Aknor are at record highs.
Gemma took down 6 bandits single handed! What's hiding in that couch?!
Bronnís Whitesnake War Warehouse is opening next moon
Oleannaís doorman, Sue, got murdered by the Ravens, she seems like the forgiving type though.
I heard that the Order of The Duck is about to get goosed.
Someone told me that a local kabal turns their washed out recruits into kababs.
Rumor has it the militia is being funded from nefarious means.
I heard the leader of The Pond Hoppers is really a hornless hobgoblin...thats why he keeps a bag on his head.
An Aknorian milk merchant has been seducing married ladies for decades.