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Rumors Around Town: 30th day of the Cycle of Ash, 1598
If you're looking for drugs, Allora has what you need.
I hear Ilia is a Nomadi pretending to be a Whitesnake! Or is he a Whitesnake pretending to be a Nomadi?
I hear that Martial Law has been lifted, and a new Governor and Knight Judge will be appointed very soon. A lot of names have been tossed around as to who they'll be...
Rumor has it the person who killed Scavenger is super sorry about it.
People think Tesrael wears tight pants, but those are actually his legs- he doesn't wear pants.
I heard one of the town guards is retiring to pursue a desk job.
Rumor has that a wood Elf has been spotted near the Forest looking for someone called Amenra
Tali has been wearing someone else’s hat for years. What else is she lying about?!
A Lady found a key and lost something else...a Lady still?
Rumor has it that the Catalyst Club is a front to track and monitor the dark dealings of Citadel to root out the real corrupted authorities.
I heard you can get headaches from spending too much time in the woods.
Its an old yarn but once was told you could ward off some fey with a poem but woe to those of slow wit or who failed to rhyme.
I heard that the reason there are so many fire mages is because they are Torgun's illegitimate children from his various liaisons with camp fires.