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Rumors Around Town: 36th day of the Cycle of Earth, 1598
Ebon Order is no longer in the town. The necromancers will no longer stay hidden.
The Coven have been planning for a while to strike the Town Guard. First was spreading rumors about them. Then slander. After was stealing their alchemy. Finally, they have the numbers and the plan laid to strike them in the heart. Beware Town Guard.
Fiends have been restless lately. I wonder what is going on?
The librarian has some secrets about him. He is hiding a big dark secret. be careful what you let him research.
Some people say that Ongrog and Gabor are love rivals. But who's the woman who's caught their eyes?
Tali the Healer is secretly a lich!
Gabor and Ongrog not only look the same, they have the same taste in women. It seems they are both rivals for Poe's affections.
Gabor and Ongrog have nearly come to blows over their shared love of Kate Moss.
Gemma is being fought over by Gabor and Ongrog.
Did you hear that Fuinha is the biggest nerd in Citadel? No I wouldn't say that to her face, are you crazy?!
Ongrog and Gabor have been caught in a viscous love triangle with Roxy.
I think Gabor and Ongrog are the same person... Have you ever seen them in the same room?
Rumor has it that Lady Imogen and Sigrid are secretly in love but must stay away from each other to prevent political unrest
Spider cultists are planning on meeting up at the Burning Barrel Tavern just to mess with Huran, everyone will claim to be his son and that its "Not just a faze Dad!"